Beach Bag Charm Bead

y Popular demand! So many people have asked and I have caved in to the pressure. We now offer my handmade beads in a Cape Cod Theme for popular beaded charm bracelets like Pandora, etc. A woman asked me how she could commemorate her stay here on her bracelet, which is of this style. The bracelets are Danish and... well... they don't make lobster trap charms in Denmark. Therefore, I have created beads, which happen to fit, in the form of Cranberry Scoops, Lobster Traps, Quahogs, Town Signs, Nantucket Baskets and a few others. This bead represents a beach bag with the essentials inside. There is a towel, a book, a water bottle and a single cottage key dangling from the carrying strap.

Sterling Silver: $65.00


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