Science Diamonds!

I’ve had an epiphany! For many years I’ve looked at man-made, laboratory grown diamonds as sort of an odd second choice. I wondered about the carbon footprint of all of the electricity involved in creating such heat and pressure. Sure, the scientists have gone from making little muddy yellow stones to big, bright brilliant gems today. And sure, the price has come down from a million dollars a carat in the fifties to extremely reasonable prices today. But that electricity... Today I read an article in Stanford Magazine, detailing the carbon footprints of lab grown diamonds versus conventionally mined diamonds. As it turns out, all of the diesel and machinery that dig up 250 tons of dirt to find one carat of jewelry worthy diamonds develops quite a pile of carbon... Five times as much as a lab grown Diamond! FIVE TIMES! Good heavens! So.... there is a small carbon cost, high quality, no possibility of funding violence in Africa, and did I mention... wait for it... the cost is a good 30 percent less? What is not to like. My young marriage-minded friends, come see me for an engagement ring that checks all of the boxes!!

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